Books in Spanish

Reading in Cuba

Reading in Cuba is not a past time, for the simple reason that books are not readily available.  The stores are filled with propaganda and Castro written tomes, but fiction and quality non-fiction do not exist. For this reason, whenever I read while in Cuba, my family is confused.  I have taken many books down […]

Map of Cuba

Cuba Factoids

The Republic of Cuba consists of one large island and several small ones situated on the northern rim of the Caribbean Sea, about 100 miles south of Florida.  This means the flight is about 45 minutes to a little over one hour, depending on destination and tail winds. Cuba is the largest country in the Caribbean, […]

School Supplies

Gifts to Cuba

  I am often asked what to take to the Cuban people.  Please tread carefully here.  Like so many countries around the world, the Cubans are no different in lacking of the essentials, but the other side of that coin is setting up a community that expects handouts from foreigners. If you are staying in […]

Cuban Coffee

Bits and Pieces of Cuba

  MONEY In 2004 the Cuban government started penalizing the use of the US dollar so the CUC was created. The exchange rate for the CUC (pronounced cook) also called the Chevito, is now a 1 for 1 exchange, and you will receive that rate no matter where in all of Cuba you exchange your money. (2016) […]

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Cuban Internet 2016

There are still Americans that don’t use the internet, these people are primarily rural and older people. I wonder if Americans ever give any thought to people that simply can’t use the internet, because it doesn’t exist. There is a misconception about Cuba and the internet amongst many people. If a Cuban is fortunate enough to have […]

Cuban School Children

Cuban Education

2015   I often hear people say that one of the advantages of Cuba’s socialist system is the free education.  My answer is, you get what you pay for. My “Cuban family” has two smaller children, seven and nine, and I am appalled at their education. It is fair in math and science, but history is […]


Tamales – What is in a name?

The food in Cuba has evolved over the years to a low quality item that simply serves as a vehicle for calories.  This has everything to do with the failed policies of the Castro revolution. This is how to make a Santiago de Cuba tamale.  This is different than the Havana tamale, and very, very different than […]

Rolling a Cuban Cigar

Tobacco Farming in Cuba

One of the best regions for growing tobacco in Cuba is the Pinar del Rio region. To understand the agriculture you must understand the end product. There are three parts to a Cuban cigar. The filler, which contains four types of tobacco; Seco, Volado, Ligero and Medio Tiempo. The binder, which is made from Subcapa […]