Stone Zoo of Cuba

Museo Zoologico de Piedra

October 2015   The Museo Zoologico de Piedra   This fun little diversion about 12 miles east of Guantanamo is the brainchild of Ángel ĺñigo Brito. Ángel was a farmer and self-taught sculptor. He began carving these animals in stone around his property in 1978. The sculptures graphically depict life in the wilds, and yet […]

Hatuey in Cuba


Baracoa, Cuba   Hatuey is one of the most important people in Cuban history, originally from Hispaniola, he fled with many other natives to warn the people of Caobana of the treachery of the oncoming onslaught of the Spanish. Sadly the Caobanans did not believe him and few joined him in his fight against the […]


The White Sand Beaches of Eastern Cuba

If one heads North of Baracoa you get to Playa Maguana. This absolutely stunning white sand beach has a small government run hotel (Villa Maguana) with its own small private beach and fairly decent restaurant and bar. I have stayed in many government hotels in Cuba, do not let this photo fool you, this gem […]

Yara Cuba

Cuban Road to Freedom from the Spanish

This trip goes from La Demajagua to Bayamo, the trail marks the beginning of the Cuban struggle for freedom from the Spanish. What is most striking to me is that it is farmland for mile after mile.  After hours of driving through countryside without seeing anything but a few farm houses, crops and tractors, you get a true sense […]

Santiago de Cuba Carnaval

Carnaval Santiago de Cuba for the Kids

  Carnaval has special areas just for kids.  The areas have been moving around over the years, but just ask, everyone knows where it is, since it takes days to set up. As you walk through the streets you will find entertainment along the way, so just wandering to look for it can be just […]

Santiago de Cuba Main Cathedral

Parque Cespedes – Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, or Santiago, is the second largest and second most important city of Cuba.  However, the hospitality of the “Santiagueros” is second to none! Parque Céspedes is Santiago’s most important plaza.  It, like the town, was once filled with large shade trees, sadly, the 2012 hurricane, Sandy, took over 30% of those trees down. […]

El Cobre Santiago de Cuba

El Cobre – Santiago de Cuba

This is El Cobre, a church with a colorful history and a stunning interior. Built in 1926, El Cobre lies about 12 miles outside of Santiago de Cuba. A focus of intese popular devotion—not just for Catholics but also for followers of Santería and even those who aren’t otherwise religious—the beloved Virgin of Charity was declared […]