A Misguided Policy

Trump has essentially reversed the good things that President Obama did towards Cuba.  I believe this is a highly misguided policy. The Europeans are already doing business with Cuba, this keeps American farmers, and American companies from being a part of the growth of Cuba. It will not get the Castro’s to change one idea they […]

Books in Spanish

Reading in Cuba

Reading in Cuba is not a past time, for the simple reason that books are not readily available.  The stores are filled with propaganda and Castro written tomes, but fiction and quality non-fiction do not exist. For this reason, whenever I read while in Cuba, my family is confused.  I have taken many books down […]

Cuban Pizza

Cuban Pizza

Just Don’t! While you are ordering, skip the spaghetti too.  I have written before about how bad Cuban food in Cuba is, but I believe I hit the bottom of the taste barrel when I had pizza this last November. I want to begin with the fact that the Italians don’t exactly have a presence […]

The Front Page of Cuba's only newspaper, Granma on the day of Fidel Castro's death

Fidel Is Dead

I returned to the United States from Cuba, just 2 days before Fidel’s Death and just 16 days after Donald Trump was elected the next President of the US by electoral college votes.  Cuba is changing, and how it goes forward will be anyone’s guess.  I do not intend to write yet about what I […]

Local farm in Cuba, organic food

Apples in Cuba

One week in January of 2016,  I was in Cuba, and spent the balance of my time exploring farms. I often lament the lack of fruits and vegetables while in Cuba. Cuba has fabulous tropical fruits, in season, but it is not the Cuban way to actually eat these fruits, they make them into juice […]

Photo from Havana Times

Castro Turns 90 – No one Cares

Cuba is celebrating Castro’s 90th birthday. I found it far more interesting that “Castro” has been trending on social media, because most people assumed he had died. He has outlived his usefulness, so at this point his death would be anticlimactic. While one can say that handing over the reins to his brother Raul was […]

Honey in Cuba

Cuban Honey

The bees of the Province of Santiago de Cuba feast on the flowers of the coffee and cocoa plants, as well as other wild flowers, giving the honey a rich almost smoky flavor. Honey production in Cuba is not easy. The typical apiarists set-up of hives and netting and smoke do not exist. Instead the […]