Carnival in Santiago de Cuba

Carnaval in Santiago de Cuba

The most famous of all Cuba festivals is the Carnaval of Santiago de Cuba. The festival is held annually from July 18 to 27. While there is quite a lot of history, I asked the Cubans themselves what Carnaval is to them, and the most common answer, after the obvious, one week off a year, […]

Santiago de Cuba Carnaval

Carnaval Santiago de Cuba for the Kids

  Carnaval has special areas just for kids.  The areas have been moving around over the years, but just ask, everyone knows where it is, since it takes days to set up. As you walk through the streets you will find entertainment along the way, so just wandering to look for it can be just […]

Santiago de Cuba Main Cathedral

Parque Cespedes – Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, or Santiago, is the second largest and second most important city of Cuba.  However, the hospitality of the “Santiagueros” is second to none! Parque Céspedes is Santiago’s most important plaza.  It, like the town, was once filled with large shade trees, sadly, the 2012 hurricane, Sandy, took over 30% of those trees down. […]

El Moro Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba – El Morro

About 6 miles out of the town of Santiago de Cuba, strategically located on a cliff top sits Castillo de San Pedro del Morro. The structure took 62 years to build and was completed at the end of the 17th century. It was designed in 1637 by Italian engineer, Giovanni Battista Antonelli, as a defense against raiding pirates, […]

El Cobre

El Cobre for the View

Once you leave the Cathedral in El Cobre, and if you are willing to walk 400 steps, be certain to visit the Monumento al Cimmarón. You very well may be met at the bottom of the stairs by a “guide”. He will take you off the beaten path to see this “holy” tree.  It is […]