Hatuey Ship

Nunes Jimenez Center – Havana

The purpose of the center is to work towards a culture of nature, with the objective of creating harmony between society and its environment. Antonio Nunes Jiménez (1923-1998) began writing as a young boy, and in the 1950s he wrote Geography of Cuba. It was a heartfelt and open account of the social and political […]

Las Terrazas Cuba

Las Terrazas

Las Terrazas is as close as one will get to a kibbutz in Cuba. It is a socialist experiment wrapped in a banner of ecology. Before deforestation by sugar plantations and other forces it was thought that Cuba was 95% forests, it is now approximately 30%. For this reason, Castro, in 1968, decided to improve the […]


Che Guevara in Santa Clara, Cuba

Santa Clara, Cuba has an international airport, so this can often be the landing point of tourists to the country. If you land in Santa Clara the number one stop on all tourist itineraries is the Che Guevara Mausoleum. “Che” was an Argentinean medical student that stood with Fidel Castro in the overthrow of Batista […]

Art in Havana

Che Guevara, Korda and Gonzales

Plaza de la Revolución  “Revolution Square” is one of the 13 largest outdoor plazas in the world. The square is notable as being where many political rallies take place and Fidel Castro and other political figures address Cubans. Fidel Castro has addressed more than a million Cubans on many occasions, such as 1 May and 26 July […]


Cienfuegos, Cuba

The indigenous people of Cuba, the Taino, were the first settlers in this area. Later the area was called Cacicazgo de Jagua by the early Spanish conquistadors. While a direct translation is difficult it essentially means chief of the Jagua, which is a native tree to the area. Eventually the area was settled by the French […]

Cuban Crocodiles

Zapata Park

Zapata Park, covering 5000 square kilometers, is the most important wetland of Cuba. It is recognized by UNESCO as a bio-reserve. Cuba is 1200 Kilometers long and in it you will find 290 natural beaches, 4095 different keys, 4 mountain ranges, 103 protected areas and 45 nature parks. Almost 20% of Cuba’s land is protected. Within […]

Pinar del Rio

Soroa Botanical Garden

This botanical garden, developed by Tomas Camacho, is in the town of Soroa in the Pinar del Rio area of Cuba, approximately one hour outside of Havana. Tomas Felipe Camacho (1886 – 1961) was born in the Canary Islands and moved to Cuba in December of 1905. When he landed he became a prominent journalist […]

Old Havana

Old Havana

Havana is falling down, it is chic in its urban decay, but it is crumbling, and whether or not it can be saved is anyone’s guess at this point. Old Havana is a different story. Old Havana is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site, but that doesn’t guarantee much. What is important is that […]

Benny More Cuban Singer

Benny Moré

Prado Promenade Cienfuegos, Cuba Benny Moré (Bartolomé Maximiliano Moré Gutiérrez, 24 August 1919 – 19 February 1963), or Benny, was a Cuban singer. He is often thought of as the greatest Cuban popular singer of all time. He was musical, and had a fluid tenor voice which he colored and phrased with great expressivity. Moré […]

Finca Vigia

Hemingway and Cuba

Finca Vigia (Lookout House)  was originally built in the 1800s by a Spanish architect, it was owned by a Frenchman when Hemingway and his wife Martha Gellhorn first saw it in 1928. In 1939 Hemingway was living in the Sevilla Hotel while writing “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, he did not want to rent the house […]