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Cuba Factoids

The Republic of Cuba consists of one large island and several small ones situated on the northern rim of the Caribbean Sea, about 100 miles south of Florida.  This means the flight is about 45 minutes to a little over one hour, depending on destination and tail winds.

Cuba is the largest country in the Caribbean, accounting for more than one-half of West Indian land area.

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The area occupied by Cuba is slightly smaller than the state of Pennsylvania.

Map of CubaIt is separated from Florida by the Straits of Florida, from the Bahamas and Jamaica by various channels, from Haiti by the Windward Passage, and from Mexico by the Yucatán Channel and the Gulf of Mexico.

Cuba’s total coastline is 2,316 miles. While many people come to Cuba just to get a tan not all the beaches are sandy.

Cuba is a highly ethnically diverse country. In the latest 2012 census 64.1% of Cubans listed themselves as white while minorities include mulatto and mestizo (26.6%) and black (9.3%).

Canadian FlagWhile Americans are hankering to go to Cuba, the rest of the world has been visiting for sometime.  Here is a breakdown of tourism from those countries in 2010, the last year statistics are available.

Canada         945,248
UK                 174,343
Italy               112,298
Spain             104,948
Germany        93,136
France            80,470
Mexico           66,650
US                   63,046
Argentina      58,612
Russia            56,245


Children of CubaYes Cubans are having babies, but their birth rate is very low.  This could cause problems in the future, as is occurring in  Italy, Greece and Japan, but as their economic system is so vitally different than the rest of the worlds only time will tell how it will affect the country.

World Birth Rates
World Birth Rates
Cuban Birth Rates
Cuban Birth Rates

The 2012 census showed the population of Cuba as just over 11 million people, around the population of the state of Ohio.

Cuba sits in a seismic zone.

The Cayman Trough is the deepest part of the Caribbean Sea.
The Cayman Trough is the deepest part of the Caribbean Sea.

The eastern edge of the Cayman Trough is called the Gonâve microplate.

Map of Cuba showing the Pico TurquinoPico Turquino (6467 feet) is the highest point in Cuba. It is located in the southeast part of the island, in the Sierra Maestra mountain range in Santiago de Cuba Province.