How I ended up in Cuba

About Me and How I Became a Member of a Family in Cuba

Three years ago I was confronted with the life-altering situation of loosing a spouse of 30 years. This left me adrift and confused. That isn’t how I got to Cuba. It just drove me to take a leap of faith, served with a great big bowl of crazy.

I have many Cuban friends in the United States, and over the years I have enjoyed great Cuban food and wonderful music at gatherings in their homes. Then one day a couple mentioned that the house next door to their uncle, who lived in Cuba was for sale.  Then… would I be interested in helping another of their Cuban family to buy it? I leapt before thinking, and said yes.

That is how I came to be a member of a Cuban family.

Follow with me as I show you how hard it is to get the simple things like toilet paper and eggs in Cuba. I help explain why the failure of the Russian and then Venezuelan economies have had such a large impact on Cuba, and how I believe America will affect this situation.

I will help you to understand why this country just 90 miles from the state of Florida has impacted American foreign policy since the times of Teddy Roosevelt, how the mafia once ruled, how Castro took it back and how his policies have shaped the Cuba of today.

We will look into how private industry is the driving force behind the changing Cuba of today and how tourism plays into that.

Don’t fret, if you just came here to get some travel ideas, I provide them too.

So, buckle up and join me on this wild ride from one frontier town to another.

Thank you for stopping by.

Cindy Casey

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